Friday, August 17, 2007

When I grow up...

This has always been the toughest question in the entire world for me to answer. I have a ridiculously wide range of interests and loves. As great as that can be, it is a major drawback when trying to choose what to do with school or a career.

My answer has always been that I love everything (minus math) but my passion is for God and people.

I used to think that I wanted God to be my career, so that I wouldn't have to have two separate lives (this was a long time ago). But God has shown me that He is no career. He is a life. And now he's called me away from the organized church to a much more organic way of living Him out, and that does not supply any sort of salary.

Since moving here a year ago, God has introduced me to some amazing people that have shown me so much. He's also given me a passion for a career that I have never thought of before!

I met Suzanne who is a mom first and foremost, but is also a licensed marriage and family therapist. I've talked to her a lot about this career and the education required and I can't stop thinking about it!

Also the pastor of the church that we are associated with founded this amazing graduate program for MFT.

I've never let myself consider a "normal" career...
I wanted to be an artist, photographer, writer, musician. Something colorful and interesting! But none of those things have been satisfying, and I've been afraid.

But this idea of being a therapist/counselor to couples whose lives are falling apart fills me to the brim and almost makes me cry thinking about it!

I'm excited and so happy that I have a goal! It's the first time in my life that I've felt this way about a career. Now, wherever this leads, who can say. But God is showing me a step to take and I am ready to take it.

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CarolineJoy said...

Lil, this is awesome! I can totally see you doing MFT!! And yes how crazy is that? I mean, I never would have thought of it before just makes sense when I read it! neat. by the way I laughed when I read the (-math) part and nice use of the word organic in describing your walk with God...I like it :) Love you! And I'm still so excited that you got a blog! watch out...I'll stalk you haha. have a good night friend.