Thursday, September 13, 2007

God is not selfish

So I thought for a while that God was the most selfish person in the world because for us to be like Him we had to be totally God focused, and so if that were the case, God must be the most God focused person of all because he's perfect...

My idea is changing...

God is perfect selflessness. To be like God is to be selfless... He made us with needs for a relationship with Him but also needs that can only be met through other people. He shares us with others to make us more like Him. He is not selfish. He is the most selfless person in the world. So much so that He died for us, He lets us be His image, He wants the Church to be His body and He lets us totally screw it up and give Him a bad name because He is Love. Selfless Love. God is Love. He has no physical shape or form because He wants to be seen and known through his Body. I have seen God. He looks like me, my husband, my mom and dad, my dog...well not really my dog, but I do learn a lot of God lessons from dealing with him!

Anyway, He makes Himself known through those He created in His image. I don't think that means that God looks like man, but that man reflects God. Our souls are expressions of Himself and He chose for His image to be a bunch of crazy messed up people trying to figure out how to live out our faith...and maybe one day, we'll catch a glimpse of God. And the world will see Him. His body in perfect harmony with one another and loving each other like there's no tomorrow no matter who you are or if you are "one of us" or "one of them" or whatever.

If we each have a role in the Body I hope I am a heart cell. I hope I can be a thriving heart cell and help the life blood flow to the outer extremities and maybe revitalize some tired finger cells or brain cells. I hope I can begin to understand the matters of God's heart and this Love thing that is not a commodity but a life force and a free gift that we should not hold back from anyone ever.

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CarolineJoy said...

Hey Lil! I'm back on the ol blog...and wow that quote from Don Miller (who I love) is INCREDIBLE. I don't remember reading that part in Blud Like Jazz haha. and about your thoughts on God not being selfish...I struggled with that thought for a while and am still wrrestling with it, but what you wrote sheds alot more light on it! i love reading your thoughts!! and I love you! hope to see you soon. :)