Wednesday, January 30, 2008

jump on the band wagon!

O MY GOODNESS. I had sooo much fun last night and I am so tired and I feel like a freshman again. Shall I elaborate? When I was a freshman I met my husband who was a drummer in a crazy band and I didn't sleep at all for about a semester going to band practices and What-a-Burger. It was crazy fun times. But alas, all good things must come to an end. (except the fact that I got to keep the drummer!) The band dissipated as most do, we moved on.

So now to last night. Austin got an offer to fill in as drummer for a worship band this Sunday and so we got together to practice last night. The nostalgic thought going through my head as they started setting up was, "oh yay. I am now the Band Wife, instead of the Band Girlfriend" minor chip on the shoulder because I have always wanted to, y'know, join in. And then it happened.

"Do you want a mic tonite?" who me? I'm just the wife! "YEAH!"

I had my own mic and headphones and it was totally the coolest thing I've ever done. I was in the club. The band club. I was on that exclusive headphone channel where only band people have been before.

O MY GOSH. I felt like, like I mattered. like I didn't have to prove myself. I finally got to do what I've always wanted to do: Sing in a band with my husband playing drums. It was sweet.

There was a lot of old crap I got healing from last night that I was carrying around with me. I had a chip on my shoulder that was kindof given to me by the churchy music trend of Guys lead worship and Girls back them up but they don't matter and you can switch them out and nobody notices. Stupid I know, but while living in Austin there was this appreciation for female musicians that I had never seen in Christian circles.

I learned that girls were just as cool as guys and whatever it is about christian music that discriminates against that is strange. You know? Like, it's trendy to listen to guys lead worship. it's trendy to sound like Chris Tomlin .

Now granted I was singing back up last night, but I didn't feel like backup in a lesser than lead sense. I felt equal. Praise God, He let me let go of those probably false feelings of "they don't want me here" and have an awesome time with an awesome group of guys.

So thanks Austin (the city) and Austin (my supportive and talented husband) and band guys! Thanks for being who God needed you to be last night! I bet you had no idea all that was going on in my head!

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CarolineJoy said...

oh my goodness i love it!! you rock lil! i love reading your blog :) yay for freshman year haha.