Wednesday, March 26, 2008

O Ipod How I Love Thee

Call me archaic, but I have just discovered the potential of my ipod that I have never truly appreciated until now.


I've been feeling really dry lately spiritually and trying to figure out (as I have been trying for quite some time) how to fit this new sort of church (or old I should say) with continuing to learn and experience God. Because in reality I truly believe that real life is where you meet Him and real life is where it matters. There are so many resources available to us as christians today and I can just download a few podcasts onto my ipod and hopefully learn a few things, maybe be encouraged and who knows.

I am amazed at the connectivity of the Church these days. How with so much information and resources available are we such a stagnant culture? Brian had a great blog entry about the fact that when something is readily available it's value goes down. It makes sense. So maybe being out in real life instead of wrapped up in a protective and gorge-yourself-on-goodness christian culture you take the little bits of truth you experience and apply them to your own story.

Maybe just knowing a little and living it out in your heart is better than knowing everything you could and doing nothing with it. Because what I've experienced is priceless to me. Nobody can take that away from me. Nobody can tell me I'm wrong.

So what if I don't experience everything in this world, maybe I'll never go to Europe or jump out of an airplane. But if I live my life to the fullest right now where I am, no one can tell me I lost.
God is so vibrant and real right now. In the little things, and I guess it's the scarcity of Him that we see in our culture (even though I beileve He's much more visible than we were taught) that makes him precious to our souls. How else can the psalmist say "My soul yearns for you like a deer for water". How can you be thirsty when you are swimming in fresh water? I want to be parched and hungry so that the sweetness of even the smallest taste of God is satisfying.

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