Friday, April 18, 2008

House Hunt

Well, it fell through. But praise God for an answer! I mean, we prayed that he would place us where he wants us, and that's what we're banking on. I'm glad he made the decision for us. So we're back on the hunt, searching the real estate listings and praying.

On a more encouraging note, Austin is getting really excited about grad school! How cool that he's in! That was another answer to prayer, and now we'll just let God keep working out all the details. And believe me. There are many.

I'm getting ready to start my application process for grad school also. I won't be applying until next January, but I want to use as much of my slower summer days as I can to work on it. I believe it is a somewhat involved process. If we stay on track like we are right now, then the next few years will be crazy and go something like this:

May '09 I graduate from undergrad with my BS in psychology

May '10 Austin graduates with MA in missions

May '11 I graduate with a master's in marriage and family therapy

People are going to be like, are the Brown's done graduation already?

I really like school! I love what I'm learning and I love where it's taking me. It's amazing what it's like when you finally find THE perfect fit for you. Actually, I can't take the credit, because if I hadn't met Austin, married him and moved away, I never would have found the path I'm on. So God knows better than I. How many times I've heard it, how many times I've had to be reminded that God is good.

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