Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I did it! I decided! I'm going to ACU! I'm very excited and mostly just relieved to have that off my chest. You learn a lot about yourself and God when you have decisions to make. The coolest part of all has been God's faithfulness in all of it. Everything just keeps falling into place. It has been a really good experience. So, changes are in the works...we'll be moving in May since I'm graduating and we are trying to get that figured out.

We've made an offer on a house, which is terrifying but exciting. We're in the negotiation stage with repairs and such, so it's not official yet. It's amazing. We're going from one major decision right to another! Here's what it looks like:

It definitely needs a paint job, and some other cosmetic stuff, but that's the fun part! Keep your fingers crossed!

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