Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nesting and Birthday fun!

So we close on our house in less than a week and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Last weekend I went garage saling and to the Master Gardener's plant sale and found some great plants and things for our new yard. This morning I went to a fantastic estate sale and also to some local stores to find some other things I've been looking for, and some I wasn't looking for:

I got a pair of these sweet lamps for $15, the vintage song book for $2, and the cute enamel pots are going in my green kitchen!
Ooo, and then I got a small acid green chandelier for my kitchen also. I can't wait to decorate! 5 days until closing!

My birthday was this past wednesday and I had a super time! It happened to also be administrative assistants day, and there was cake and presents waiting for me at work. I seriously love my job. Everyone that I work with is so great. I couldn't feel luckier! After work, I went with some of my favorite people to see the new Disney movie, Earth. Loved it!

Last night I went out to eat with my mom dad and sister for my birthday at Bonsai and had sushi, and my parents gave me a beautiful locket:
Anna gave me some wonderful Starbucks tumblers with the best travel lids I've ever seen. And they're super cute! I love them! Wow, it's been a fun birthday week!

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bunnytrails said...

Hi Lily, Congratulations on EVERYTHING!! House, graduation, birthday, life,etc. I have a little something for you and will try to get it to you before your big day on Sat. I am going to be working that day at It's About Time and will not be able to come! I am so sorry but I do want you to know how proud we are of you and all of your accomplishments!! Love you, Jo Carol