Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear reader (if you're out there!)

Oh, blog. What are you exactly?
I struggle with whether or not I'm disappointed that I don't have readers let alone commenters. Sometimes I want you to be "successful". Other times, I'm thankful for a secret place I can work out my thoughts and not really worry about it being read or not.
Should I turn off the comments section altogether so that I'm not tempted to be envious?
Should I reorient my writing so that conversation is invited?

I love that I can look back to 2006 (!) and see the ways that I've grown and changed over the years. And hey, its like a journal that I don't  have to grab if the house catches on fire. (knock on wood!)

I'll keep on blogging for that reason alone. I'm not interested in maintaining a really successful blog. Or maybe it feels prideful to want success. Maybe it's more that I'm afraid of the responsibility of a successful blog.

But I am interested in conversation.

I'm a marriage and family therapist. I can't blog about my work. I can't blog about what I'm doing and sometimes having such quiet, secret work is hard for me. Ah. I'll admit it. I like for people to know what I'm up to and I like to be the center of attention.

A few months ago I had a new vision for the blog, a new focus, new name. This definitely is still where I am in life, focused on engaging the Creator. And part of me questions how that is going if creativity does not have input from community. I realize my writing doesn't reach out often simply because I'm hesitant to assume an audience. That seems pretentious. But maybe it's the other way around. Maybe my assumption that no one is reading really has come across as I don't care for input. I apologize if that is the case.

So, this is in a way, an invitation to you. To engage creativity with me. Become part of this conversation. I'm not really sure what the conversation really is either. I need you!

These are my meditations. Perhaps that's all. And that's okay.

But..if you're reading this...I sure wouldn't mind a comment if you feel the urge. :-)

So here goes...
What are your thoughts on blogging success? What makes you feel invested in a blog? What makes you engage a blog? If you would, read the "about" section of the blog and tell me what you think. Any ideas on how to do this? I'm open to suggestions, experiments, books, something that inspires you. I'd really like to see the blog this year have a theme, a project, a purpose. I'd like to experience different ways you engage the Creator. Maybe we can do this together. Maybe together this space can facilitate something life giving.

What would you be interested in seeing on this blog?

Help me flesh out this idea.

Whew! That was hard. Well, thanks for reading, friends. I really can't wait to read what you have to say!


ostin83 said...

I have to say that if anyone is resistant to virtual community or connection it is myself. That being said, I think that the only blog that i consistently follow is yours. It could be that it is because you are my wife, but i also believe that it is more than that. Because I know you I know that you are honestly and seriously working out your faith. You ask real questions and seek to find peace among questions that my not have any answers at all. What would I look for in a Blog? Someone doing just this. I am not interested in someone showing off how intelligent they are, or someone crusading a point or a point of view. I am interested in reading someone who is humble, thoughtful, yes intelligent, but someone intelligent enough to ask questions and be slow to give answers. I do believe that you have these qualities, not only as a person, but also as a blogger. I am not only saying this because I am your husband, but rather I think that it is because i am your husband that I know more truly your character. Take heart and be encouraged!

Matt said...

Holy poo. I just wrote the longest comment in the history of comments and I accidentally hit the next page button and lost the whole thing. Bad phone! It was genius I must say.

I feel your pain. I've not been at it as long as you have, not near as long. But I understand the struggle with having something to say and wanting to be heard but not wanting to self-promote to the point of being pretentious.

However, I believe that we are a unique expression of who God is. The world will never see that side of God if we don't make Him known.

I bookmarked your site and I like commenting and not just in the blogger way to get more views.

mary said...

I read your beautiful blog, Elizabeth. I love your insights and the way you express them. I take them seriously and take them to heart. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Just know that we're out here and keep writing. It's important to you and important to us.

Elizabeth Gregory Brown said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I really do appreciate it. The writing will continue and I hope you will offer input as you feel led!
Thanks again. Blogging is a strange balancing act.

Amie said...

Hey Liz, I enjoy reading your blog when I get (or is it take?) the time. I blogged quite a bit before I started working and felt many of the same things. I struggled with wanting success and writing the types of posts that seemed to get more views an comments or writing the type of posts that meant something very personal to me. I never figured it out, so sorry no answers here. However, I would encourage you to keep writing whatever you decide to write about.

Lacey H said...

I apologize that it has taken me a while to respond. I wonder if this has to do with the lack of immediacy in the Internet world. I saved this post in an open tab on my computer, and never even got around to responding to you. Wheras, face to face, I couldn't just put you on hold.

I admit to slightly stalking your blog. I have it bookmarked in a folder called "Friend's Blogs" and check it frequently. (Side note: I also have a bookmark folder that is just "Blogs" that I don't check as frequently.)

I think what draws me in to people's blogs is that I am fascinated by people. People who I am similar to, people who I don't see any commonalities with. I enjoy reading people blogs when they write about their daily life, thoughts that run in their minds, and struggles they see in their lives. It seems to make the world a smaller place when I can find people who are willing to let others in.

As I wrote that, I kind of grimaced, because I tend to be a bit private in face to face conversations. On my blog, however, I can ramble and overshare to my heart's content. Secretly, I think I use my blog to connect with people in ways that I am too shy or self conscious if we are in person.

I do have a book recommendation: Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ronald J. Sider. It's awesome and I think you'd have some great insights on it that I would love to hear!

Elizabeth Gregory Brown said...

Again, thanks for the encouragement. Blogging is a strange animal, that's for sure. P.S. Amie and Lacey, I totally blog stalk you guys too. :-)