Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Greatest Thing in the World

I think it is no coincidence when themes begin to happen in life. So, understand that for me this was no coincidence that today I was reminded that there was a tiny antique book tucked decoratively into one of my bookshelves. I had never read it, my mom had given it to my husband actually about four or five years ago.

And today for some odd reason, it came to mind. So I read it on my lunch break and I laughed out loud when I opened the cover to read 1 Corinthians 13.

These little themes happen so often now I feel like it shouldn't keep surprising me, but it does. Because it is such a joy to notice the small easily dismissed details that are woven together by the Spirit to grow us if we pay attention. Or not. Maybe the growing still happens, there is just so much joy and delight in being brought into awareness of these things happening.

So I read a little book, a sermon from the 1890's, by Henry Drummond, titled "The Greatest Thing in the World". Inside, there are 80 tiny pages on Love. Some pieces of it I loved so much I thought I'd share them here.

Love. The greatest thing in the world. According to a 1890's Scottish evangelist and missionary.

I kind of love that this little guy had a burst of popularity and was forgotten, and then 120 years later the little book is on my shelf and the Spirit nudged. I read his little book and God used his words to speak to my spirit in a season of learning about Love.

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