Friday, February 3, 2012

Love is not self-seeking

Here I am Lord; All I am Lord: This is Gungor's Every Breath. This was an important song for us this week. It's a song of surrender and dying to self. And it is beautiful and hopeful and wonderful! Love is not self-seeking, Love is sacrifice and surrender of self. Placing our will on the alter. Love is learning to live for something beyond our selves.

Love the one in front of you: This was a key phrase from a documentary we watched this week about   Heidi Baker. The documentary is called Mama Heidi and is on Netflix streaming. I highly recommend it! Talk about walking in selfless love!

OC 1/23, 1/24: My Utmost for His Highest continues to be a very important part of our spiritual journey and this week the readings for these two days were particularly poignant.
transformed by beholding speaks of the necessity of living by beholding God. Nothing else is as important. Nothing else comes close to what it is to live out a life from the place of beholding and reflecting Christ. Love is not self-seeking. Seek Love.
God's overpowering purpose spoke to the same abandoning of self for the sake of Christ. I'll let you read them if you care to. I can't say it better than Ozzie (this is what we affectionately call him) anyway.

Love is not self-seeking. Love trusts that in dying there is life.

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