Thursday, August 30, 2007

God is a people person

Happiness is...

It's remarkable how quickly our lives are swept up together and how easily they lose their own definition...I am my beloved's and he is mine.

There is such a beautiful picture of God in relationships: marriage, friends, parents and children. All of it was designed to show us God. To show us an image of Himself, a picture. Of course there are so many tragic and broken examples we see around us, but when we are submitted to His will, He paints the picture. It's not in our power to produce these pictures. It's in submission that you see His traits come to life.

Submission has become a dirty word, but it is what produces harmony. Why wouldn't the world want that? Learn to rest in His peace and He will guide you, protect you, love you. My Jesus walked to show me how to rest in the Father. I need to learn to rest.

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