Tuesday, September 4, 2007

House Church Conference

Wowzers. So that was an incredible weekend! I don't even know where to begin, but here's a few highlights:

1. Spending quality time with author Paul Vieira (laaate night dinner at Denny's) This guy will blow your mind! Okay, time for a commercial: read Jesus has Left the Building by said author. Foundational!

2. Interacting in an environment that was so much more culturally diverse than I have ever seen in one church gathering. Chinese, English, Australian, Canadian, Indian, African-american and American all in one room loving each other and with the same heart for Jesus! Beautiful!

3. Frank Viola

4. Tony Fitzgerald

5. Wonderful testimony from missionaries all over the world

6. this story changed me deeply.

7. Creativity in worship. Crayons and tambourines and drums, I kid you not!

Once you detox from the religious spirit, there's no going back. It's all about Jesus. All of it. Nothing more nothing less. Jesus' love, his Kingdom, his heart...It's Jesus.

There will have to be a post for each of these points because there's no way I could condense it all!

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