Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sing to the Lord a New Song

So last night we met for house church and Austin and I got to share just a tad of what we learned at the conference. We were inspired to write our own songs for worship. The psalms were David's own words about his experiences, and we can do the same to chronicle our own experiences with the Lord.

So last night we worshiped God. We only sang one song together, but we broke into groups and wrote poems to God and it was so awesome to each share where we were with each other through poetry, and each group's words were so different.

Austin helped Jackie and Stormy (two teens with cerebral palsy) write a beautiful poem called Walking into Joy.

I helped the kids write a song about our creator to the tune of "i want candy"(all their idea!) and it was great to see them dancing and clapping about God.

The adults wrote a beautiful poem about trusting God without understanding everything.

We worshiped through expressing creatively, and each person got involved. It was a great experience! It is so cool to get out of the concepts of "what is worship" and just go for it! Taking ownership of worshiping your God!

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