Friday, May 16, 2008

Coffee Shop Kid

I'm sitting in my favorite spot in town, Monk's, listening to conversation and the Postal Service, sipping guatemalan coffee from a lime green mug. This is nice. I am a coffee shop kid. No denying it. And Monk's is definitely my favorite. If you haven't been, it's great. Cool atmosphere, always interresting people, great coffee, and Jerry the owner, he's awesome.

They've got Toms shoes and cool t-shirts, making it possible to be socially active while getting your morning free trade coffee! So yeah, there's a lot more you should do than just convenient charity, but it's a start!

There's also some sweet pottery in the front window... haha...

Oh! And The Office Season Finale? No spoiler here, but I'm mad! Not cool! If I were on the show I'd smack 'em all in the head. Except Kevin. He was an innocent victim. All I'll say is...they know how to keep you watching! We'll see how the next season goes.
This computer thing is really working out nicely by the way. Definitely a worth while investment. I'm so happy!

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