Saturday, June 28, 2008


I picked up my vanity yesterday with the help of one of my new friends, Kara, and I'm sooooo pleased with it! I still need to figure out what kind of knobs I want for the drawers because the little wooden ones are a little bit too country for me. But anyway, after I got the dresser I stopped by Classic Collections and lo and behold! They had it... Exactly what I had been rigorously searching for! A little vintage wire vanity seat. It was bright yellow, but i got some antique brass spray paint and voila! It's everything I dreamed it would be. Now, I am on the hunt for a great celery green fabric to make a cushion for it. That's the plan, folks! Sorry for the really poor quality cell phone pic.

As we speak, my cool potter husband is making me my very own custom set of dinnerware. Check it out at Brown Pottery. I'm so excited about it! The set is going to be super cool. I'm so glad we're finally going to get to use our own ware.

This was the gorgeous sky earlier today. Now we are enjoying a decent rain with thunder...and one very close strike just now!

And this crazy caterpillar we picked in my sister's garden! It. Was. Huge.

And of course, all of this happened while I was trying to write a paper that is due on Monday...I really should start that now...

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