Monday, June 30, 2008

Workin' Girl!

Hey all! I got a job! Cool story:

I decided that I needed to find a job since my hours weren't going to be too crazy in school next semester. I started looking and was having a terrible time trying to find one that a) I wanted to do and b)was part time c) I was qualified for. So I started praying and simply said, "God I really wish I could find something to do with counseling,"

And the very next ad I saw was for a part time position as receptionist at a local counseling clinic. I couldn't believe it. So the next day I wrote and turned in my resume and got called for an thing lead to another and today I had my second interview and I got the job! And even better, I start tomorrow! Crazy huh?

I am so totally excited because this job is right in line with my career plans and I'm going to learn so much about the insurance/paperwork side of professional counseling. This is such a God thing.

My sister has helped me so much too, because she's gone shopping with me twice to find some decent clothes for my new job. You have to remember my last job was at a pottery. There was no dress code. It is way super fun to have an excuse to get some nice looking clothes! Yay!

I know there will be days when the excitement has worn off and I will really wish I didn't have to go to work that day, but I know this has all happened because of God, and I know that I can handle it and school with His help.

It makes me feel like I am on the right path. One more affirmation towards this whole marriage and family therapy thing. Thanks, Jesus!

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Jo Carol said...

How exciting,Lil! Isn't it grand to see how God works and confirms things in your life??? I am so happy for you! Love you!!