Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It is June! Crazy huh? I haven't posted in a while because I was crazy busy with my mayterm class and last weekend had a really busy weekend with a wonderful wedding of one of my life-long friends, Emily!

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and I was so happy to be a bridesmaid. Emily and Josh are a very wonderful couple.
It was a GREAT wedding!

Me and beautiful Caroline

Weren't the dresses pretty?

And this was my hair after the up do.

We finally got word about our little house!

We will be moving in next week. Praise the Lord! It's little bitty, but it will be survive. You have to choose your battles and we've decided to tackle education rather than home ownership. We really want to host a house group in our home through our church but I find myself wondering if it will work. I have this thought that people won't want to hang out at our little house, but it can't be right that you have to have something in order to have relationships. So I think we're going to learn a lot in our little house...if only we can fit our stuff in it...haha.

We feel so blessed that this situation worked out so well. It is a complete answer to prayer and the past six months of living with my parents has been an incredible blessing! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Mary said...

I didn't see this post before. You're welcome. And it has been an incredible blessing for us, too. We will always look back on this time with you, Austin and Rocket with fondness and joy - only happy memories. Thank you for being the kind, sweet people you are. You were easy to live with!