Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've been so busy lately! sorry for the lack of "postage" these days. We've been working on our little house, unpacking boxes, repacking boxes, reminiscing and decorating. I really love decorating! I think that might be my career choice #2. I love hunting for the perfect peice of furniture or funky little extra, I love placement of things, and functionality, and most of all I love making each room have a personality. I'm absolutely devouring each Domino I get in the mail and even issues I haven't read in a while.

Anyway, I really need to save up for my other half of my camera, because I'm so inspired to take pictures right now! And I know I would remember ideas for my house better if I could snap a picture of something I see.

Since we only have one little bathroom, I decided to find a vanity for our room. After much searching, I found one and one of the best kept secrets in Abilene, Bloomingdales. This place takes old furniture and repaints it and then sells it unbelievably reasonable prices. I happened upon a piece that she had not started yet, and so I got to choose the color. I'm having it done in a soft, dusty blue, and keeping the top natural wood. I'll post a picture when it's done! Now I want to find one of those little chairs like my Mema had when I was little. It's a low backed gold wire sort of stool with a little round cushion.


Austin and I had a wonderful friday night in our house last night. We settled in with a Little Ceasar's hot-n-ready pizza, crazy bread and dr pepper and watched Juno. The whole event cost $15! Not bad for a date.


Mary said...
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Mary said... I was saying...

I can't wait to see your house again - it looks different everytime. Very cozy and home-y. You're feathering your nest very well!

Jo Carol said...

Hi Lil! I love your blog and will visit it often!! I am so happy that you and Austin now have your own little nest in Abilene!! I know it will be darling! You are so talented and a shabby chic lover like your other mother (aka me)so it's gotta be great!! Hopefully I will see you today!

mary said...

Hey - check out Emily's