Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're In!

So good to be home! We moved in to our little house on saturday, and even though we're kindof frazzled and there are boxes everywhere and I have a midterm on thursday...we're so happy to have a place. We're having fun getting our place together, and it's so nice being in town. it takes like ten minutes to get anywhere. Even when we were in Austin that wasn't the case.

Rocket is happy too. He has a little yard, and he really likes the neighbor's dog. We're going to have a happy year here I think.

Anyway, that's the news. Nothing else going on right now, and I need to study, but I just thought I should mention that big change!

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Mary said...

Ah-oh...we have a "camera situation." Well, it's your turn. I'll bring it to you when I come to town. We miss you. Not much activity around here with all of you gone. Especially Rocket. For a dog who sleeps in the easy-chair all day long, he sure left a gap!