Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Angry Car

My car is mad at me. She knows I've been looking at other cars while we've been driving around, and friday she let me know it. I was driving to work and all of a sudden she just stopped, and I coasted to the curb. I have never broken down before, and I was baffled by two things one good, one bad:

1. nobody stopped to help me. Not one person! Instead, they honked as they went around me.

2. My cell phone has road side assistance and within forty five minutes I was towed to a garage. for free! Awesome! Thank you AT&T.

So Sadie is in the shop needing a new alternator, and this weekend we're going to San Antonio to pick up our new car. The timing for me to break down was very ironic because Austin's dad is giving us his '97 jeep grand cherokee. We're so excited because that will have us in two very solid cars that are better than our old ones.

Parents are truly amazing. Austin's old mazda and my mazda were given to us by our parents and now we're being given another car. I don't know what we would do without our parents! and not just for cars. haha. but they all do so much to support us in so many ways. We are very blessed by our moms and dads and step parents.

So, Sadie is going up for sale, and I'm going to be driving the jeep whom I have decided to call "Jude".


On another note, I got to shoot my first photo shoot this weekend! It was so totally fun, and I wouldn't mind doing that more often! I love my camera. I have been very satisfied with my choice of the canon rebel xti.

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CarolineJoy said...

"Hey Jude"!!!!!

Haha, sorry I'm a nerd, but you must know that I almost named my new four runner (Simon) that so that I could walk up to it and be all, "Hey Jude, don't make it bad..." :)

Now I just drive around and tell the slow car in the passing lane "Hey car, Simon says move over into the slow lane if you're gonna drive slow." :)