Thursday, August 7, 2008

So I really like the car! He's got a lot of personality, and runs great. Now to sell Sadie.

Anyway, to pick up the car we made a trip down to San Antonio and had a really good time with the in-laws. We went to the river walk which is a fabulous place to go if you've never been. Austin's dad also has a vespa and so we got to go on a ride and even try our hand at driving it! It was dangerously addictive.

I think scooting (as it is called by the "scooterati") is one of those things that could be really really good, but I think I'll wait a couple years until the scooter/motorcycle awareness is better. But I keep catching Austin looking at them online. Haha, maybe someday. It was fun.


William Ricketts said...

I'd love a motorcycle or scooter!

CarolineJoy said...

i was in san antonio last weekend!! word!