Sunday, August 24, 2008

crazy last minute trip and an uninvited house guest...

Well as a last minute endeavor, We made a crazy 24 hour trip down to our old stompin' grounds in Drippin' for some of our friends 18th aniversary celebration. They had a wedding vow renewal ceremony and it was really beautiful as they eloped when they got married and didn't have a wedding. Here's a link to their place. They actually own a wedding venue business and do the flowers and coordinating for weddings in the most picturesque "Inn at Wild Rose Hall" as it is called.

We got to our friends the Yoakleys house at about 12:30 Saturday morning and then got home Sunday morning at 3:30. So quick but so worth it. We have such beautiful wonderful friends in Dripping Springs.

We discovered this morning that we had an uninvited house guest over the weekend...a very small furry house guest who ate are bread and left little "momentos" around the kitchen. I have never had a mouse in my house before and I am freaked out! I cleaned the kitchen like crazy today and I guess we'll have to figure out what to do about it.

Austin and I both start school in the morning! We went to the kick off meeting of Austin's program and met some absolutely wonderful people. We're really excited about what all is going to come of this adventure.

Well, theres pretty much what we've been up to this past weekend! I just thought I'd get one last post in before the semester starts.

Oh! I took the GRE last wednesday and...I passed! I cannot even tell you how stressed out I was over that stupid thing and I was so tired from taking it that I really didn't feel relieved untill I had a full nights sleep. Then I found myself in my back yard at 10 pm the next night trying to do cartwheels...I'm not sure if that was from watching so much olympics or giddiness but none the less, I tried my best to do a cartwheel and was very sore for two days. Pathetic, I know!

Oh and another back yard story, I gave Rocket a bath out in the grass with the water hose (reason number 1million and three that I love having a back yard!) and I took him off the leash to dry him off...and he got clean wet dog RAN all over the yard and I coudn't catch him for anything. He would get as far from me as possible and then start rolling in the grass. I tried to catch him to make him stop but then I realized, he was having the time of his life! So I stopped trying and let him run run run to his heart's content. Somehow he was still cleaner after the whole ordeal than he was before his bath, and the grass brushed right out, so I guess it was okay. He sure loved it!

He's staying with my mom and dad this weekend and we couldn't get him back today, and it has been so wierd not having him at the house today! We miss him! It's crazy how much we love that little dog. And why is it that THAT furry critter that lives in my house is okay and the teeny tiny little one that showed up this weekend is not? Wierd.

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