Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary #3 !

Well, what a fantastic day!
7:30 am: Leave house with coffee in hand, and pick up AM Donuts and our $100 anniversary allowance.

10:30: Arrive at Ft Worth zoo after a very wonderful drive! Saw beautiful animals and a gorrilla charge at a dude through the glass. $12

1:30: Visit the Kimbell art museum. $0

2:30: Lunch at Great Outdoor Subs. $16

3:00: Jamba Juice! $8

3:30: Botanic Gardens and Japanese Garden. $6

5:30: A little window shopping. $0

6:30: Pei Wei lettuce wraps...mmm! $12

And of course a fabulous drive home and getting to spend the entire day together...priceless.

And we made it home with $37 left of our allowance.


bunnytrails said...

Glad you had a very happy #3!! I can't wait to come and see your new nest. Let me know when it would be a good time to drop by! Love you both!! Jo Carol

mary said...

What a perfectly delightful day! Wishing you countless more.....