Thursday, September 23, 2010

Important conversation

This week at ACU was Summit. I got to hear Shane Claiborne speak and it was challenging and very inspiring. If you haven't read Irresistible Revolution, you should. There is an important theme of justice and reconciliation that has become very close to my heart
For me specifically, there is this desire in my heart for reconciliation of women and the church. My friend Olivia participated in a conversation at Summit that I am so thankful was being had. It is a painful conversation, and honestly I did not think it would hurt as much as it did to listen to it. But I wanted to share this podcast and ask you to listen to their stories, these women in ministry, and the struggles that they have endured to follow the call in their hearts:

She is Called

I can relate to these women in a lot of ways. I cried listening to them openly and honestly express the pain they have felt because I have felt that pain too.

Thank you, Summit, for allowing this conversation to be. Thank you Olivia for your honesty. God, bring reconciliation to your church.

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