Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Beginnings

The blog has a new look, my heart has a new outlook, and I hope that with this post I begin a new journey in blogging.

It is always interesting to look back on the blog and see the phases of life represented. The first posts on this blog were out of a creative flood of growth in my life. I was attuned to my heart and able to write from it. These were rich posts, and I am thankful for the record of that time.

The past few years, the posts have become fewer and further between and the content became more day to day events. Since getting back into school three years ago, I've had to function on a more efficient, surface level that could manage the demands.

I read a story recently, and as morbid as it is, I feel it is a perfect illustration of this cycle. A hiker who disappeared 25 years ago was discovered recently, his body perfectly preserved. Amazingly, he had been swallowed up by a glacier and through the turning of the ice, he surfaced again. Now, my heart is in better shape than this poor hiker, but the parallel continues in that I feel that ice has melted away, a core part of me had been buried deep within and I feared it lost forever. But through the subtle, almost imperceptible working of our mysterious God a warmth has returned to my heart, and I have been revived.

This surface level functioning has served me well the past years, but I think I'm ready to explore some new depth to myself and my faith, something transcending the busyness of everyday life, and yet not separated from it. I seek a wholeness, a transformation. I hope you will not mind my expression of this through the blog, and I hope that you will join me, beloved friend, in this strange way of walking together.


Austin said...

:). You make me smile. If it is true that your heart has emerged from a colder place, then it is also true that it is freer and more alive than it was before. I love you.

mary said...

You have always had a beautiful heart and a beautiful way of expressing all that goes on in it. I'm glad you're back to blogging and know that you, and we, will be blessed by it. I love you!