Friday, February 11, 2011

Reflections on an unspectacular morning

After a lazy morning which I hopefully can convince myself was not a bad thing, it's time to get going. Pandora is playing (and may I add it is spot on!), pomegranate green tea is brewing, and a list is about to be produced that will hopefully guide my aspirations of a wonderfully productive afternoon. My wonderful friends are coming over tonight for house church and I'm thankful to share my home with them. There's nothing spectacular about any of this, and yet it is now, it is life, and it is a gift that I am blessed to experience. I'm struck with the notion that me in my aloneness this afternoon without witness still matters. I glance out the window and my boxer, Suki, trots by. I wonder what she is doing. But that's a silly question. She's not doing, she's being a dog. She's enjoying sunshine, birds chirping, and pecans in the grass. Rocket, my terrier, is sitting on the step, looking out. Dogs definitely understand the concept of simply being.

So on to my list. On to being productive, taking with me this small observation of created creatures enjoying creation. I smile to myself and think that I could have missed this little lesson if I hadn't stopped and taken a moment to simply observe the moment.

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