Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration Station

Well I've been totally freaked out about the quickly approaching end of my grad school career and the looming "real world".  But lately, I've let my mind toy with the excitement that broad horizons can bring! Ideas and dreams are whirling around in my mind and I am beginning to be excited about the seemingly endless possibilities for what might come next.
I rushed out and did what I always do when I feel inspiration striking, and that buy supplies! So I put together an Inspiration Kit, an easily accessible go-to kit for when I need to brain storm or fine tune an idea. I found a fabulous 100% recycled materials clip board and note pad combo along with a lovely green file folder. And of course, multi colored felt tip pens were an absolute necessity, kept neatly inside the file folder in an adorable (also recycled) zipper pouch. The kit itself inspires me! It speaks to the organized and driven side of me that sees the power in being put together, yet the materials and designs speak to the creative, fun side of me that is very important in the processes that this kit will hopefully be a part of. 

I'm excited about putting all of me into developing my professional self. Not just the organized, driven, put-together self, but also the fun and creative dreamer self too. Now that's a career I could get excited about!

Now I have a space to dream out loud! So, come on, ideas and the future. Come on, graduation! I am prepared...

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mary said...

YOU inspire me, Elizabeth Gregory Brown!