Sunday, March 13, 2011


Spring break got kicked off to a fabulous start today with my annual Pride and Prejudice marathon. I have to watch this movie at least once a year and it never gets old. I love how this movie has been with me for so long. I remember sitting down with my family every week as each new installment of the original miniseries aired on A&E back in the 90's. I think I've watched it every year since.

You would think that this five hour long movie would get old, that I would know every aspect of it and that I would be tired of it, but instead I find that as I grow, my relationship with it changes too. I noticed this time for instance intricate family dynamics (thank you MFT training) and subtle background nuances that made me love the film even more. These characters are my friends.

Well, even though that is probably more than you want to know about my love of Pride and Prejudice, but I'm realizing how much of ourselves we read into things. My own story and life and experience is woven into my interpretation of this story that I am so familiar with. It made me think about the Bible and how each story, spanning millinia is really telling over and over again the story of God's faithfulness and love through the ages. And as I reread these stories, I realize that I have developed relationships with the stories, the characters, and the God who come alive in new ways for me during different times in my life.

God never changes, but God is infinite. We do change. The Truth doesn't change, but our relationship to it does. It is a rich and deep experience to engage these ancient stories that become so familiar that they begin to relate to our own lives. God speaks through these stories.

Because we are constantly changing, stories almost never are the same twice. And how beautiful when we realize that these stories change us too. Not only do we engage with them as we change, but they shape us in the stories we are living.

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