Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few words on Easter

This Easter season was one that I want to remember. It was spent in celebration with my beautiful family of believers and something about it just made the Good News so real to me.

Friday night we had our usual meal together and then did a Passover Seder, a tradition for some and a new experience for others. And we also concluded the evening with a brief Good Friday service from the Book of Common Prayer.

A late night together taking time to focus on the dark meaning of the night, the fulfilment of so many ancient promises.

And then Easter Sunday we gathered together after our respective "traditional services" for a glorious feast on a bright afternoon. Something about this church makes these traditions so much more alive to me. We live them. We observe them in our homes and each other's lives.

I feel a warm glow of love for these dear people who are teaching me what all of this means in daily life.

Someone said, "it feels like a great group of friends, not really a 'church'". And my heart smiled a little bit, because I think maybe that is exactly how it should feel.

Loving God together, loving each other, and helping each other love God a little bit more.

This Easter, I felt Love. The Love made real in this world through Jesus, and I felt it through my brothers and sisters. Isn't that what Easter is all about anyway?

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