Monday, February 27, 2012

Love is rejoicing in truth

 This week's board was Rejoicing in Truth!

   Perspicacious: Not sure how to explain this one, but one morning while I was spending some time in the quiet this word popped in my head. Clear as a bell. I didn't have any idea what it meant so I decided to look it up. Here's the definition:

 I guess the definition that stuck out to me was 2: Having keen vision. Seemed to relate to Love rejoicing in Truth! So there it is, on the board. Take it as you will. I'm not really sure what to do with it.

I don't feel like Truth is something we master through intellect and our own powers. I feel like the Spirit gives us perspicacity of a different kind. It is keen spiritual vision, understanding, insight that has nothing to do with my theological prowess (of which I have very little, but a lot more when compared with the global culture.) There's no way that truth is only available, perspicacity is only available to privileged first-world higher ed cultures. Truth must be something else. Truth must be discernible in another way. A way that is accessible to every single human being.

Hm, well that's all I've got on that for now. What do you think? What makes truth accessible to all?

   Junia is not alone!: I want to recommend a little e-book I read this week. Junia is not Alone by Scot McKnight. It only took me maybe half an hour to read, but it was great. Junia is a woman in the New Testament who was an apostle. Didn't know that? Well, this book tells you why. The truth about Junia getting lost in translation...on purpose. But she's there!

Honestly, I'm going through a lonely time right now. I spend a lot of time by myself these days and I've never really had a time in my life where that was the case. The title alone of this book was a truth I needed to hear. I know I'm not alone. I am thankful for the beautiful people around me that are there for me and care about me, and are God's voice to me in lonely times. I do rejoice!

Well, here's the new board:

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