Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Babymoon! (30 weeks!)

She's getting bigger! We're 10 weeks away!
This week, Austin and I headed to Glen Rose, Tx for a much needed and very restful get-away. We stayed at Fossil Rim and thoroughly enjoyed the deck and animals. We spent most of our time relaxing with the view and a cup of coffee. The weather couldn't have been better, cloudy and rainy in the mornings, sunny in the afternoons.

We ate good food, took lots of naps, talked, played games (I won my first game of Scrabble!) and watched the animals come out around sunset.

The big events were the drive through the park and feeding all the different animals along the way on Monday, and also visiting Dinosaur Valley State Park and seeing the dinosaur footprints.

I'm so thankful we got to go on a babymoon. We have been so blessed to have seven wonderful years of marriage, and almost ten years of knowing each other. This trip did not even begin to compare with how wonderful these years have been just the two of us, but it was such a nice way to be together "one last time" as a family of two.

I'm getting a little nervous about "D-day" (delivery day), but I know it will be okay. I'm learning a lot about trust right now. It is so comforting having my wonderful husband pray over me and our baby every night before we go to sleep.

Baby girl, we're so excited for you to get here. We aren't sad about it at all, but there is a sense that this is going to change things forever. We're happy about that. We're really blessed that we have such a wonderful foundation and relationship that we are ready to share with you.
God made us for community, for family, and he has invited you to be a part of ours. I pray we can be everything that He intends for your community to be. We're ready to share our lives with you fully and completely. We're ready because He has prepared us. You are going to teach us so many things too, I know, and we're ready to grow too!
We love each other, and we love you so much already.
Love, Mom and Dad

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