Wednesday, July 3, 2013

32 weeks!

I think I look bigger in real life, but this is getting real! I am so eagerly awaiting our sweet baby girl's arrival. We've got 8 weeks to go, but time is flying. Her bedding arrived and we've started putting the nursery together and I love it! This weekend we are going to do some murals and move furniture.
We're getting your room ready, baby girl!

Our dear friends Grant and Laura and their baby girl Eden are staying with us right now and it is so good to connect with them. It's been two years since we saw each other. Being around them is making me so excited for what is coming for us. They are just precious.

We finished our baby registries too. That was so much fun and I know it's not about stuff, but it means we're having a baby! This is happening! It was so fun to get excited about diapers and pacis and swaddle blankets.

I have had such an easy pregnancy and I'm so thankful for that. I'm just starting to get a little uncomfortable. I bought a wedge pillow and have to say that's the best I've slept in weeks. Totally worth it! I can't wear my wedding ring anymore which makes me sad, but also means we're getting closer! She's moving a lot too. It always makes me smile when I feel a kick or a squirm. There's a person in there! I can tell it's getting cramped in there though. We're running out of room!

We love you, baby girl! We just can't wait to meet you!
Love, Mom and Dad

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