Saturday, July 20, 2013

34 Weeks!

Monday was our 7 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long, but at the same time, it seems like we've always been together. I'm so blessed to have spent 7 (10, if you count dating) years with this wonderful man. I'm looking forward to seeing him be an amazing dad! That's honestly one of the many reasons I married him. We had a quiet easy celebration and went out to eat, then came home to have ice cream and talk. It was lovely.

The last two days have really gotten us in baby mode! We were blessed by both of our church families through a baby blessing and diaper shower from our house church and a baby shower from our First Christian (DoC) family. Our house is now overflowing with baby gear and baby clothes!

We have chosen to use cloth diapers and we couldn't have done it without our sweet house church pitching in and getting us started on our system. What a blessing!

The hostesses at First Christian chose to get us our stroller and we're so happy with it. Can't wait to wheel that little baby around in it!

We're in our 35th week now and I can't believe how close it's getting. I'm definitely starting to feel it physically. I've been really blessed with an easy pregnancy so I can't complain if it gets tougher for a little while.

Tomorrow, my mom and dad are coming over to help us get the nursery organized and set up. The guys will be moving furniture and mom and I will be painting aspen trees on one of the walls. It's going to be so cute!

I've also been working on packing my bag for the hospital to have ready to go whenever she's ready to come! It's a little surreal, I can't believe we're this close. All the dreaming and planning and talking and choosing and questions and research and now she's almost here! I want to slow down just a little and just enjoy this time. Things are already different, but they will never be the same in a few weeks. I look forward to that, but at the same time, I am so very grateful for the way things have been for so long.

Baby girl, you are only a blessing and we can't wait for you to be here! You've been kicking and squirming so much lately almost like you're gearing up for your big debut. We love you so much we can hardly stand it and we know that it is only going to grow the moment we lay eyes on you. We're getting ready, and it seems like you are too. We'll be ready whenever you are. We're trusting God to let us know when that is and to walk us through getting you here. In the mean time, we will all three just do our best to simply be where we are and do what we are supposed to be doing in the moment. No need to get worried or caught up in the future. Right now is wonderful. We love you. 
Love, Mom and Dad

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