Wednesday, July 31, 2013

36 Weeks!

Well it was another crazy busy weekend of baby showering and we even had a garage sale! I don't know what we were thinking but it felt so good to clear out some junk! Thanks to my amazing husband for making it happen, and to our wonderful house church friends who came to help out...even if it was just because we promised them A.M. Donuts. :-)

Next weekend I promise I'm taking it easier...only thing on my schedule is a pedicure!

She's getting bigger!
We had another baby shower on Saturday afternoon, right after the garage sale. It was so nice! We have so many wonderful people in our lives who love us so much. Austin had a lot of his family come for the shower which meant a lot to me! Now we're just about set for Baby Girl to get here!
Cookies that my sister made for the baby shower! Aren't they amazing??

We had a good doctor's appointment again this week, although we did find out we will get to stay an extra day in the hospital since my B Strep test came back positive. I was really bummed at first, but maybe there's a bright side to it. Like, hey, we'll get to just chill an extra day with a whole team of nurses to help us out. I also get to take antibiotics during labor which I also was not happy about. I've managed to stay well this whole time for the purpose of keeping baby girl from getting any antibiotics, but hey. It will be okay. If that's our only hiccup, I will consider us very very blessed. It was also a little reminder that I'm not the one in control here, and that I have to trust that God's got this, ironically, this was also the visit where we handed our doctor a copy of our "birth plan".

I am going to share it on here simply because I think it turned out pretty good and this is as good a place as any to keep it!

Birth Plan for Elizabeth Brown
How we would like to welcome our baby into the world...

Philosophy: It is my desire to have as natural a birth as possible within a hospital setting. This is a natural process and I would like to treat it as such for my own peace of mind. I understand that there is no way to know exactly what this process is going to look like and I trust the medical staff who will be attending us.
The following are specific considerations that I have for this process, highest priorities in red:
I would like the opportunity of listening to my body as far as what is most comfortable for me, including positions, walking, shower, etc.  
IV access
I would like to start an IV access for the ease of administering fluids/medications if it becomes necessary.
I would like to be permitted to eat and drink during labor. (fruit or crackers, water)
Pain management
Minimal pain management intervention, I understand my options and will ask for it if I want it.
Prefer minimal intervention, only in the case of emergency or risk. Not for the sake of “augmenting” the natural labor process.
In the event of emergency only and after consulting with Dr Bullock regarding our options.

Dad and mom will participate in catching our baby.
Delayed cord clamping
We would like to delay clamping of the umbilical cord until after it stops pumping.
Skin-to-skin contact
Skin-to-skin contact for as long as possible (1 HR) immediately after birth and attempt breastfeeding at this time.
In the event of C-Section, skin-to-skin contact with dad is preferred.
Delayed bathing
We would like to forgo the standard bath, allowing the vernix to remain on her skin. We would prefer to leave the hospital without a bath.  
We do not want our baby to receive the Hep B vaccination during our delivery stay.
We would like the opportunity to strictly breastfeed, and would prefer our baby not be given a bottle without our consent.  
We would like for our baby to room with us rather than in the nursery.

I know we are in good hands, and hope that this helps you know us a little better too.
Thank you for helping us and thank you for caring for us and our new baby!

--Elizabeth and Austin Brown

We also have continued working on the nursery and also set up her pack n play in our room where she will sleep with us when we come home. It was a surreal feeling waking up this morning to a baby bed right next to me this morning. So soon there will be a real little baby right there!

Our room
Cozy corner!
Last night, I was having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy but they seem to have calmed down after I went to bed. I was so tired last night all I wanted was to go to sleep. I can tell my hormones are going crazy these days. Almost daily I have to have a good cry, and I won't even know why all the time. When it's over it usually makes me laugh though, so it is not too bad.

This song has been on my heart so much lately and I can't help but feel like it is exactly what I need to focus on while we're waiting for our baby to get here:

Even with a smooth, peaceful, healthy pregnancy I feel my faith being stretched to the max, and then asked to trust a little bit more. I think He's teaching me that He is my everything.
Baby Girl, we're so close! You'll be here before we know it, and I'm so blessed that you are part of the plan that God has for me to learn to trust him more, to know him better and to have greater faith. I also know that this is only the beginning of the things that you are going to teach me. You've changed my life completely already. I love you more than you can imagine! Take your time, we're ready when you are. We love you!
Love, Mom and Dad

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