Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Have a Name!

*I wrote this months ago before our daughter was born. We decided to wait to publish until after she arrived.
Our daughter's name is Avery Elizabeth. 

We knew Elizabeth would be part of her name because I am the fifth generation Elizabeth on my mom's side. We wanted to continue that tradition, even though it's not an official tradition. Elizabeth means "promised to God".

Avery is a name that we chose slowly. It has grown in meaning for us. Avery means "wise counselor" and this season of our lives has been very much about learning to trust the Wise Counselor.

In a way her name speaks to the fact that we are promised to God, but also that God is promised to us! His counselor, Spirit, is with us and is promised to be with us and guide us. We are learning to surrender to and trust this promise.

We know that choosing her name is not what determines what God is going to do in her life, that He has His own special name for her. But we pray that her name is one that speaks to where she came from, the season she's been born into, and the promises that we cling to.

We love you, Avery Elizabeth! And we hope that you love your name and someday understand where our hearts were as we very purposefully and carefully chose your name.
Love, Mom and Dad

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