Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Saw My Soul on the Curb Today

I see his face
Haggard and dull
Dirty and done
I bet he smells
He doesn't care
He's given up
His cardboard sign

I glance and wait
Anxious to pass
Green and go
Out of sight and mind
No eye contact
To taint my


And also, some profound words from the love of my life:
It's amazing how you don't realize how much you are worth until you can admit that you're not worth anything
-Austin Brown


Kat said...

that quote from Austin is very true. It's not quite the "I'm worthless" that Christians usually speak of and leave it at, but the submission to God's will- that we depend on him for our very breath of life and existence- and in that we can find our identity in him. We can see that we are worth much, and live in such a way that is valuable to God's Kingdom.

I hope to see you again soon!
Love, LaShay

Kat said...

haha.. I forgot that was going to say "kat"...
I don't have a google account, so I was using Army on its Knees..and we had a mixup with this intercessor nicknamed Kat once and we never got it straightned out, so that's my explanation :)