Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Home again...and a happy new year!

Welcome, 2008!

We ended the year on a great note, surrounded by family and friends close enough to call family. We celebrated a new chapter beginning in a familiar story.

We closed the year with a move back to our home town, and have been having too much fun ever since (despite the fact that we've all been battling a wierd stubborn cold for weeks.)

God is definitely opening all kinds of doors and we are so excited about finding our place in His body.

So what will 2008 hold in store? Who knows! But its so exciting walking forward in His plan.

I haven't had time to compile it, but I will soon be posting my list of New Year's resolutions, and to quote the great Mark Twain, "Go ahead and make your resolutions, and start paving the road to Hell with them" for we all know "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions".

So Happy New Year and good luck with those resolutions!

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