Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Fab Faves v. 1

I've always wanted to do this...and I'm totally copying you, Caroline! But here goes...

Here are a few things that are totally inspiring me at the moment:

#1 Domino Magazine. I could totally eat this site up and still be hungry because it's awesome! This has got to be the best place to get all kinds of great design ideas for home and well, life! And they have some awesome blogs to read to!

#2 Ultra smooth music from The Gotan Project. This group has got it! Steady beats and the lightest touch of a moody accordian melt with warm spanish vocals.

#3 Cairn Terriers. Now obviously, I'm partial becuase I have one, but this dog is the coolest dog around! I highly recommend cairns as great family members!

well, it's a start!

1 comment:

CarolineJoy said...

oh my goodness i love you!!! haha :) it's awesome and i'm diggin the new layout! rock the party!