Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What is truth? What a question! I spent three and a half hours today in class trying to figure it out. And the basic answer was that truth is relational. There's nothing truer in my life than relationship with others and with God.

LaFevre said that Truth is relational, based upon a relationship between the perceiver and the perceived, and the relationship of a community of perceivers.

So basically there are four requirements for knowing truth:

1) Revelation = from perceived to perceiver...objective reality
2) Reception = by perceiver of perceived...subjective reality
3) Relation = between perceiver and perceived
4) Reconstruction = between receivers of a common perception

I really liked seeing this and if anything, looking at where I stand and how I perceive truth.

So this answers a lot of questions people ask me about the postmodern Christianity. How do you find truth? Revelation, and relationship with God. How do you recieve truth? Being open to revelation from the Revealer. What about accountability? Relationship, again with God and with a community of faith. Why postmodern? The willingness and ability to reconstruct our faith. To give it back to God. An openness to admiting fault and willingness to change accordingly.

I'd love to hear some ideas. What is truth?

to picture faith as a living relationship is to emphasize that it is not something achieved and settled once and for all. As the self must contiually grow, change, choose, and become, so faith is not so much an old possession as a continually renewed association. Faith, too, must ever grow and mature, meet its challenges and respond to them with renewed affirmation.
Excerpt from A Layman's Introduction to Religious Existentialism by Eugine B Borowitz

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LaShay said...

I really liked the way you described postmodernism. I have read about it some, and even some things that can be considered post-modern. I think I have even embraced some of it without trying to.. but have had trouble reconciling what I have heard about it, things like truth is subjective or relative. However, it is giving us freedom to truly put it back in God's hands and let us know what it is. Some would take it as far as to say that truth is whatever your reality is, but really, it is saying we sometimes get too caught up in what our reality and others' instead of God's.
We talked a little about this the other day I think, but this was good to read. Thanks! I hope your class finished out well!