Monday, October 6, 2008


This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately. This semester, even though I am crazy busy, I am getting to do so many things that I absolutely love doing. I'm studying in school the topic I am passionate about, psychology, I've made some incredible friends through MRNA and feel very connected to the plan He has made for me, I got to ride a horse, I've been taking pictures a lot lately, I've been playing my guitar, going to the Texas Clay Fest, seeing old friends...really, I'm supposed to be too busy to be having this much fun!

In class today we talked about humanistic therapy (not as scary as it sounds!) in which one of the key points is reconnecting to parts of yourself that perhaps have been disowned or ignored for too long. I feel like this is exactly what I have been going through this semester. There's something to be said to embracing and enjoying all aspects of your personality and in doing so, realizing your uniqueness. Think of how this would effect the way we seek God's plan. I mean, God created me with all of these interests and passions that don't all go together in some perfectly patterned type. Somehow, all the random things I love come together to give me unique purpose. And the beautiful part? It's true for each and every person. No two are alike, to use the snowflake analogy.

So when you find something you become passionate about and decide, "This is it! This is what I want to do!" don't forget the dozens of other things you love or enjoy because they will only add to your unique way you will do the job you are passionate about pursuing.

I am convinced that all these parts can come together to create something beautiful.


mary said...

Wow! I guess you know how happy I am to hear this. I want to talk to you more about it.

CarolineJoy said...

You could not be more right! It was such a blessing reading this! Man, with photography I've been so totally consumed that I haven't been doing much else...and it's been driving me into the ground. Recently though, I started playing the piano again, rekindelling passions to hopefully play at a coffee shop or something someday, and it's been so theraputic for me. You are just so right! Balance in life is hard, but so good and worth it! Let's hang out soon! Can I come over to your house? :)