Thursday, December 4, 2008

home stretch...and i hate sports metaphors

it's 1am and i'm blogging because i'm working on a paper that is due friday morning. exactly. crazy. but guys, it's almost over! just one more week to go and it's christmas break! i promise i'm going to do some good blogging over the break to make up for this poor neglectful semester.

on an updating note, austin and I put up our christmas tree this week! I love christmas. I'm really excited about being in a house this year and the possibility of putting real christmas lights on the roof! Another first for the Browns.

I'm also planning on making a stocking for me and rocket (austin already has one). I've got some really cute fabric that i think will be perfect. not red and green or anything, but i think it will be cute.

well...back to the paper. and sorry for the grammatical errors. i'm typing really fast and it's late and i'm running on coffee. i'll probably read this tomorrow and say, "what did i do last night?"

so don't worry, future-self. we just stayed up really late and studied and worked on our paper and had a four hour conversation with our sister and drank tons of coffee and then blogged and wrote a note for us to read the next day...

holy cow. i'm stopping now. before i write something really dumb. ;-)

christmas is coming, school's almost out and i'll be back!

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mary said...

I'm glad I didn't know about this...I would have fussed at you!

I've tagged you for a little game...

Love you...and get some sleep!