Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is coming

I absolutely love the changing of the seasons. It is really an incredible thing to watch bare limbs bud and flourish with green. The world transforms and without fail I am transfixed. The air is warming and buds are forming and for a week or two my surroundings waver on the blurry border between seasons. In the middle of a season things are well defined and you say "this is summer" or "this is winter" but the transition is seamless and has characteristics of both the waxing and waning season. I've been in a summer, and a new season is coming. There are glimpses of what this will look like, but I wonder what August will hold after graduation.

I know that I want life, that I want adventure and richness. I know that I want to take the time to enjoy silly little things. I know that I want time to slow down, but doubt that one is a realistic possibility, and I want to continue discovering who God is and who I am.

I feel like I have neglected my need for creativity! All I have to do is pop over to CarolineJoy Photography  or grab an old Domino magazine and I feel so inspired I can hardly stand it! Therapy is a wonderfully creative process, don't get me wrong, but I am pretty much obsessed with environment and the impact that it can have, and sitting in a classroom or therapy room so many hours of my week can be stifling. I need to find a way to bring inspiration and creativity into the therapy room with me. I'm off to Austin for the week soon and hoping that I can bring home some creative energy.

When all else fails, I go outside. "Home" I believe is what John Muir called it. This hike we took last weekend definitely helped.

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